ERDC Spring Progress Report

Greetings, Electronic Rights Defence Committee (ERDC) members and supporters.

A group of ERDC stalwarts heard the latest news about our case against Southam, the Montreal Gazette and their legal successors at the ERDC Annual General Meeting Wednesday March 23, 2005. Then we all relaxed over wine and good things to eat in Merrily Weisbord’s pleasant dining room.

The news of the last year is:

  • David Homel has been officially accepted as class representative in the case against The Montreal Gazette, Southam and its legal successors, replacing David Fennario, who had to bow out due to ill health.
  • Lawyers for the defendants have extensively cross examined David Homel.The case has been enlarged to include the corporations which are the legal successors to Southam, so we are now petitioning Southam Inc, CEDROM-SNI Inc, Infomart Dialog Ltd., Southam Business Communications Inc., Montreal Gazette Group Inc., Canwest Global Communications Corporation, Hollinger Canadian Publishing Holdings Inc. and Canwest Interactive Inc. To do this has required some delays in court proceedings, but the ERDC executive committee decided the delay was worth it. To win a case against Southam, which is not much more than a legal fiction after several industry sales and mergers, would be a hollow victory.
  • The stage is being set for a hearing on the admissibility of the action. We expect the date for it to be set this spring . At the hearing we will invite a large delegation of writers to be present in court, in order to show our solidarity with David Homel.
  • But Quebec’s Fonds d’Aide aux recours collectifs (FARC) which assists class action law suits in the province, has said it will provide no more funding for our case until a date is set for the hearing on authorization. That means we can expect no more financial help from them until next fall. Therefore, because we will need several thousand dollars for various disbursements in the next few months, we have launched a fundraising campaign.

You’ll find attached the documents we sent out as part of this campaign. Please help us out with a financial donation by sending your cheque to:

The Electronic Rights Defence Committee,
c/o Ron Diamond, Treasurer
995 Wellington #238
Montreal, QC H3C 1V3

And finally the ERDC executive was re-elected: Mary Soderstrom, president; Ron Diamond, treasurer; Jack Ruttan, secretary; and Ann Charney, Merrily Weisbord, and Stuart Robertson, members-at-large.

Jack Ruttan, ERDC Secretary, for
Mary Soderstrom, ERDC Chair

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