ERDC Summer 2008 Update

Dear Electronic Rights Defense Committee (ERDC) members and supporters:

Our lawyer Mireille Goulet has “Good news! Great news!”

You might remember from last February that our hearing on continued financial aid from the Fonds d’aide aux recours collectifs, (FARC, the body funding class actions in Quebec) was cancelled at the last minute. We have been without news on this front –or new funds– since then. But last Monday, Mireille learned that FARC has a new President, and will begin holding hearings again, most likely at the end of August or September 2008 (although there is a slight possibility for the end of July).

Mireille says she was told by FARC staff that the ERDC is “amongst the first in line, so we will be heard amongst the first.” This means we may still have to undertake some fundraising, but Mireille suggests we wait until fall because summer is not good for fundraising. It should be noted, though, that the Writers’ Union of Canada approved $1,500 for the ERDC and the cheque should be arriving soon.

As for news on our hearing on class action authorization, there is none so far, but that is to be expected. Mireille says: “The judge has taken the case under advisement and has a period of about 6 months to render the decision.” She says the decision will be faxed to her, “probably around October.”

“Once we get the decision, there are 2 possibilities. Either we win and then we prepare and start a ‘new ‘ round of legal proceedings. If we win, the Defendants publishers have no right to appeal the decision, ” Mireille says. “If we lose, either partially or completely, we will have to consider an appeal of the decision.”

So, things are ‘to be continued.’ In the meantime, Mirielle closes by saying: “Last but not least, I do wish all of you a great summer and great Holidays. Enjoy!”

Same thing from Jack and Mary.

Jack Ruttan, ERDC Secretary

Mary Soderstrom, ERDC President

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