Electronic Rights Defence Committee Update

Hello all

The ERDC held its Annual General Meeting March 24, 2014, at which the executive committee was re-elected: the officers now are Mary Soderstrom (Chair), Jack Ruttan (Secretary), Ron Diamond (Treasurer), David Homel (Class Representative), Tracey Arial, Anne Diamond, Julie Gedeon, and Stephanie O’Hanley (Executive Members at Large).

Our lawyers Mireille Goulet and Catherine Sylvestre brought us up to speed on the legal process. We have filed the necessary paperwork leading to a hearing before Judge Eva Petras on the notice to members about the distribution, which was approved by ERDC members at a special general meeting held November 28, 2012.

(You’ll remember that it was decided the pay-out would be in stock, and based on the number of stories a free lance writer published in The Gazette between 1985 and 2010: the minutes of that meeting are attached.) Drafts of the claim form and instructions for filling it out were reviewed also.

Several resolutions, such as authorization to open a post office box, were passed to facilitate the claims process (see attached minutes of the March 24, 2014 meeting.) A three person committee charged with overseeing the claims process was appointed: the members are Tracey Arial, Julie Gedeon and Mary Soderstrom. The major new element was the decision to authorize the sale of some of the 189,479 shares of Postmedia stock we hold in trust in order to make up the shortfall between the cash we received in the settlement ($83,210.27) and what we owe our lawyers and the Fonds d’aide aux recours collectifs for advances over the course of the class action. The number of shares to be sold will depend on the share price at the time of sale.

All this must be approved by the court, but we’re getting someplace.

For the ERDC,
Mary Soderstrom, Chair,
Jack Ruttan, Secretary


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