David Homel:
our Class Action Representative

David Homel

David Homel, 2009


A writer, translator, film maker, teacher and critic, David Homel is a well-known name in the literary world. A frequent guest at arts festivals and the screen writer for several films, he has written regularly on literature and other subjects for The Gazette, and contributes a column to La Presse.

Homel’s novel The Speaking Cure won the Quebec Writers’ Federation/Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction in 2003 and the Jewish Public Library Best Fiction Award in 2004. Its French translation, L’Analyste translated by Lori Saint-Martin and Paul Gagné, was a finalist for the QWF Translation Prize in 2004. Homel’s earlier novels – Get on Top, Sonya & Jack, Rat Palms and Electrical Storms – were critical and popular successes. Sonya & Jack won the Prix Millepages in France for Best Foreign Fiction, while Rat Palms was named Paperback of the Year in 1993 by The Canadian Book and Periodical Marketers.

In addition, Homel has won the Governor General’s Award for Translation twice, in 1995 and 2001, and he teaches translation at Concordia University.

Born in 1952 in Chicago, he was educated in the United States and Europe before coming to Canada in 1975. Since then, he has followed the American tradition of socially aware novels. His involvement in the ERDC class action case against Southam and associates is perfectly consistent, he says, with the need for writers to defend their interests.